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Quality Furnace Repair in the Easton, PA Area

We all know how down right cold it can get in the winter, which is why you need a reliable HVAC contractor to call on should you need heating repair. Stateline Heating & Cooling LLC has been the trusted contractor that residential and commercial customers have turned to for prompt heating repairs of all magnitudes. 

Oil & Gas Furnaces — Radiator Heating Systems
There’s no reason to suffer from the winter elements indoors when you have us to count on. Our technicians will diagnose the source of the problem and won’t leave your home or workplace until your furnace is fixed. We proudly serve the areas around PA and NJ with furnace repair so you can stay comfortable! 
Heating Repair Easton, PA

Furnace Repair Services

At Stateline Heating & Cooling LLC, we can fix both gas and oil furnaces with ease. We have the proper equipment and experience fixing both kinds of furnaces of different makes and models, including American Standard and Rheem to name a few.

Call us today to learn more about our furnace repair services for heating units of all kinds. 

Contact Us For Radiator Heating Repairs!

Radiators are one of the oldest and most effective ways of heating a home and are still desired today due to their simplicity and efficiency. They operate by drawing heat from water or steam and use that heat to warm up surrounding air. Most are seen with various folds which help increase surface area. They are made from metal, as this material is a great conductor of heat. As the hot water or steam travels through the folds, it heats up and heats the surrounding area.

When your unit is not working properly, there could be a variety of things wrong with it. If your radiator isn’t heating up the room, there could be trapped air inside that needs to be let out. This is called ‘bleeding’ and is an easy repair for an experienced HVAC contractor.

If your unit is leaking, this could mean a small problem or a big problem, depending on where it is leaking. When you call us, we will come out and find the leak. The radiator will be drained and the area will be cleaned then repaired. It is wise to have an experienced contractor help with your repairs to save you from costly replacements. Contact our heating repair team today for more information or to set up repair services! 
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